Loretta's Cheesecake was started on the principle that nothing compares to a homemade dessert. My grandmother, Loretta, a second generation Polish immigrant, believed in gathering around the table and feeding others with love through her cooking. She took pride in the process and perfected her cooking by incorporating sweet love into each dish. She found great joy and satisfaction in sharing her culinary creations with all who gathered.

Her self-created cheesecake recipe stood above and beyond the definition of homemade. Loretta's Cheesecake recipe originated in pan form for those unique, big family gatherings; Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. The gatherings always seemed extra special when we were enjoying a slice of her cheesecake, always my favorite.

My grandmother, Loretta, passed away in 2006 but her spirit and legacy of sharing sweet love at the dining table has remained. In 2008, I decided to take her homemade recipe to a new level and conceived the idea of it as a cheesecake bite. I also introduced a variety of toppings to the delicious bite enabling many different cheesecake experiences without the dessert guilt! It is an honor and a great source of pride knowing that her legacy will be shared and enjoyed by so many, one homemade bite at a time. As Loretta would say, "Eat slow, eat good!"